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What Happens at EXXXOTICA Stays on CAM4…

What Happens at EXXXOTICA Stays on CAM4…

We all grew up fantasizing about what girls do when they’re together. What do they do at sleepovers? What are they doing in the bathroom? Well I can tell you that if they’re CAM4 girls, they’re up to no good 😈

Last weekend we had Zhaddie Grey, Sammy Strips, Layla Savage, and Lady Serra all in Chicago with us for Exxxotica. And now we are about to see what girls really do together…

Layla Savage walk through our #CAM4est and gave us a cheeky flash.

The trifecta has been achieved: thigh high bow socks, shibari, and Zhaddie? Fuck yes!

Sammy, JD, and Zhaddie worked the booth like rockstars.

They twerk in public places and take pictures of each other posing suggestively 😏is this a hint at what Sammy and Zhaddie did in their Gold Show?

Yes, they do wear matching lingerie, make out, go on CAM4, and give away their panties!!!

Sammy and Lady Serra took on a forest of dicks… and we wish there was a video.

Nikki and Ela were making out before taking this pic, I swear.

Classic Nikki.

The last time we were all together was XBIZMiami, where that infamous Nerd Rope video was shot – check @ZhaddieGrey on Twitter to find it. There’s a ton more videos out there, all you have to do is follow these girls on Twitter or Snapchat. Go to their profiles and look for their social media buttons!

Add CAM4Snaps to Snapchat to watch our future adventures.

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