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Advanced Camming: How to Grow Your Shows

Advanced Camming: How to Grow Your Shows

Congratulations on reaching the advanced level of camming! Here you’ll find the gear you need to kick your shows up a notch. Most importantly is the quality. At this level, you’re looking for better video quality video and a more reliable behind the scenes set up from your internet connection to lighting.

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Now, let’s review the gear!


logitech hd c910
Logitech HD c910 $140 on Amazon

Fully HD 1080p video recording with smooth HD 720p video calling. The glass lens and Logitech Fluid CrystalTM Technology give you focus, clarity, and brilliant quality videos. Noise cancelling mics are ideal for chatting. 1-click video uploading to Facebook and YouTube makes sharing easy. Widescreen captures more of your room allowing you to change locations and move freely without adjusting the cam.

logitech c930e

Logitech C930e Webcam $180 on Amazon

Extra wide 90 degree field and 1080 pixel resolution frees you to cam from bed to stripper pole to couch to floor. The flexible base acts as a mini tripod, saving you another cost while offering smooth tilting, pans, and zooming. This is a revolutionary cam with no drivers, downloads, or disks. Simply turn it on and go. More technical features include 4 x digital zoom, fully HD ability, and USB connection.

This link is incredibly helpful for camming at any level. Check out more tips on how you can improve your webcam quality.




Ravelli Tripod $15 on Amazon

For $15, this flexible small tripod will give you stability and freedom to move your cam around. The head is approximately 1″ long with a universal camera/webcam screw mount on top and an integrated clip to attach to a belt on the side. It has three flexible wire legs, each approximately 4″ long. At the end of each leg is a non-scratch plastic ball. The three flexible legs can be bent, allowing you to mount on unusual or uneven surfaces.



Precision Design PD-T12 Tripod $25 on Amazon

A webcam ideal for use with all cameras and virtually any surface for under $30. Pack it in your bag, wrap it around anything, and never be without webcam access. The legs actually wrap around poles, to give you all sorts of new webcam angles. This is also a great to use as a secondary cam for a split vision, which viewers  love ;)


DIY lighting rig

DIY Lighting Rig about $90

For under $100 you can build your own rig. If you’re feeling up to it, this is a great weekend project that will definitely return the cost to you. Everything needed for this can be found at hardware store . This will bring your lighting up to a more professional level. If you’re thinking about doing this, you should be selling your clips, movies, and pics on top of camming.

Lighting like this will set you up for way clearer cam quality and more flattering light!

photo basics u lite 411

Photo Basics 411 uLite $99 on Amazon

If you’re not crafty here’s a basic light set that takes seconds to set up and tear down. This will give you a better quality of lighting for your photos and videos, plus it’s small and easy to hide if you’re not yet to the professional level.


check cam4 speed

Faster Upload Speed

Getting a faster internet connection is key to running higher quality cam shows. Call your service provider to see what improvements specifically to uploading speed are available.

As always, rememeber to check SpeedTest.net if you’re having issues.

firefox browser

Firefox – Free download!

If you’re not a FireFox fan, Google Chrome is also highly recommended by cam models. Not only does Firefox work on every computer – it’s fast, secure, and has the most reliable memory – aka less dropped shows & connection issues. An easy & free step to become a more advanced cam4 babe.

Pay As You Go Phone

earn money on cam4

Giving fans options to take their experience with you beyond the cam will make you more loyal fans willing to spend more. One popular option is selling or raffling off your personal phone number. To do this, buy a Pay As You Go phone from a convenience store, phone company, Wal Mart, or even a grocery store. Then, head to Cam4 and begin a raffle or sale. Viewers love to feel connected to you, and this offers a way more personal feeling than Twitter or PMs on Cam4.



Buy used!

If you’re looking to upgrade your computer, check online and in local stores for used computers. Many people upgrade their hardware often and sell the old models at an affordable price. I’ve bought and sold all of my Mac computers online and saved thousands of dollars. The bonus is, a lot of newer laptops come with webcams so you’ll score a decent cam too.

Dance Pole


Pro-Fit Stripper Pole $179 on Amazon

Once you reach an advanced cam model level, having a pole is a solid way to spice up your shows. Strip in the comfort of your own home, and have a ton of fun doing it. your viewers will love it! This is just a little something that more advanced cam models will benefit from. It’ll also make you feel super hot, seriously one pole can change your life.

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