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Beginner’s Coaching Show: January 8th

Beginner’s Coaching Show: January 8th

I’ve been slow at getting Nikki’s lessons on the blog, but it’s a new year and these things really need to be shared! Here’s her beginner’s lesson from today, January 8th!

Set A TIP GOAL! You can’t make tips without ’em. There are a few different ways to set goals in your room.

1. One big goal– this means you set it right from the beginning all at once. This can be intimidating for some fans to see if you have just set it and are just sitting there. I recommend if you want to do this come on already naked or have a fun game going in your room to encourage fans to tip
2. Break your goal into 4 smaller goals– here’s how you avoid intimidating fans when they come into your room and a it’s a great way for new models to set room goals. This lets you do 4 smaller shows until you reach your main goal and keeps the show going the whole time and fans interested. Make sure you set your goal to something reasonable. Eg. Your big goal of 1,000 is broken up into 4 goals of 250.
3. Gradually increase your goal– this way you set your goal to say 250 then increase it in increments of 50 every time you hit your goal. This way may seem like you will never reach your target and your fans my feel confused. If this works for you by all means use it but I personally don’t like it
Your tip goal is only part of your income on CAM4, if you don’t make your TIP goal it’s ok because you can do PVT shows to make money.

DON’T FIDDLE WITH YOUR TIP GOAL! If you are constantly lowering or changing it, it looks like you don’t think you are worth the original goal set, and if you don’t think so neither will your fans. Changing your tip goal will not make you any MORE or LESS tips; the only thing that will make you money is YOU and your show.


Here’s how you can creatively ask for tips without coming off as pushy.

We have all been there where your room is quiet or not moving fast enough for your liking and you want to remind fans to tip you but don’t know how.
1. Become more animated and encourage them to tip in a pleasant tone. Eg. “I wanna have fun with you guys today! Come on lets get me naked!” “MMMM I am so excited to hit my goal, I really wanna cum!”
2. Step up the show– Even though it might say ‘Naked at 500’ and you are at 100 or less and you want to pick up the pace, start flashing or take your top off completely. For the guys maybe change into a thong or put a sock on to tease. If you decide to take something off do it happily and draw it out with a sexy striptease, flirt, laugh, make them believe that the token goal doesn’t matter to you. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little.
3. Up the ante– Eg. Put in your topic “every 30 tkn tip gets a video till goal is reached” This is a great way to get things moving, it is always a good idea to have vids you can give away or sell in times like this.

When it comes to the science of making tips, having fun, and entertaining guests, here’s some thing to keep in mind to avoid disaster:

➢ DON’T fight with your room or demand tips from them. That makes you a beggar too!
➢ DON’T ban or silence every fan just because they are not tipping, sometimes people are just broke at that moment
➢ The Ban tool is not a toy and when you ban someone it gives them negative feedback on the site and sometimes they are silenced site wide. This affects every model and takes money out of our hands because when you ban someone with little reason they might go to another site
You always make money when you are not worried about the tip goals because you are having more fun and your fans can tell.

A Public Show is the show you choose to do for a certain amount of tokens on the site for all CAM4 viewers to watch.

What you decide to do is up to you but always ask yourself “would I watch me?” This is a great question to ask yourself and look at it objectively, it will help you put on a great show if you yourself would watch it.

These are the steps you do when you first log in to do a Public Show:
1. State whether you are solo or a group in the grey pop up that you see first then hit “Start Broadcast”
2. Set a TIP Goal
3. Enter the length of time you will be on cam
4. Enter your status message- the one that appears above your image in the broadcast window. Put the links to your social media here or things like READ PROFILE.
5. Set the amounts in your topic for flashes, vids, raffles, requests, etc.
6. Try to talk as opposed to type. IF you have to type because you have roommates then make a sexy game of it. Let your fans know that you have to be quiet and play it up that you might get caught at any moment, this will make it exciting for them.
7. Interact with your fans. You only have to respond to the things that you want to on free chat, so if someone is being negative you can just ignore them and not respond (you only give negative fans power by giving them attention)
8. Only respond to positive things said in your room. It will train your fans to be positive because that is the only thing getting your attention
9. SAY THANK YOU! Thank your fans with a simple thank you or type it if you like. This will make them feel good about tipping you.
10. When you reach your room tip goal and you are doing a public show disable private chat requests by clicking the yellow button below where you see your image.


A Private Show is when a fan takes you in a Private Chat room and pays ‘X’ number of tokens per minute to see you perform a show that both of you agree upon.

Remember-when you go private with a member you do not loose your place on the home page.

These are the steps you take upon log-in to set your Private Show settings:
1. Click the red settings button in your broadcast window to set your private and spy show rates per min
2. Enable your allow private show and allow spy’s option in the settings
3. Hot save and you are ready to accept Private shows!
*The Private show requests will be in the ‘ ! ‘ button you see beside the settings button in the broadcast window.
How to put on a great show in private
1. Accept the show graciously
2. If you can turn your sound on for them and try to talk not type
3. When you get into the private smile and thank the fan for taking you into private
4. Ask them what they would like to see
5. Ask them what they would like you to call them while in private with you.
6. Start to strip and tease in a sexy way (don’t take too long or the fan will get frustrated and leave 30 seconds is a good amount of time to take to strip)
7. Perform show and take requests happily
8. After the show is finished if you like you can add the fan to your friends or favorites list or even send them the link to a video to say thank you.
9. Record in your model diary so you will remember them and make them feel special.
10. Have FUN!

**My favorite tip from the show was how to use Private Messaging (PMs)! Use them as a privilege, a private way to communicate with you that only good tippers, loyal fans, and people who want to arrange a Private Show. Don’t feel pressure to respond to every PM you get!**

Every day is different on cam but if you keep it fun for yourself you will keep it fun for your fans.

Nikki Night

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Comments (4)

  1. Jason says:

    Could you give me a few pointers on how to increase the number of viewers I get? I can’t seem to get about 4/5, none of whom are tipping. Only been camming for a week so I’m certain it’s something I’m doing wrong – a couple of words of wisdom should be just the trick! Thank you so much!

    • Abbey says:

      You should email nikki@cam4.com, she’s our model coach and she’s fantastic at helping models reach their full potential!

  2. Toney says:

    Hi, I find your suggestions right on. Thank goodness you provide this information now. I’ve felt alone doing it for so many years. I hope you have a topic on internet safety too. I’ve had one performer actually stalked to his place of work. The performer put his real name, address and phone number with his Amazon wish list. It was only up for about an hour before I caught it, but sure enough he had this person threaten him during shows and eventually send his employer screen caps of him during his shows. Needless to say, it was a huge factor in the way his cam modeling endeavors were shaped and ended. I’ve always taught-use good common sense, and nothing is really private on the internet. They need to guard their real ID and location too! Anyway, thank you and I hope you do cover safety on this site.