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Challenge Yourself: Social Media Bonus

Challenge Yourself: Social Media Bonus

Cam models, meet your match. Social Media is your billboard. Except it’s free, totally controlled by you, and way more fun than any traditional billboard. You can schedule tweets, make friends, find fans, and spread your CAM4 talents across the internet. All it takes is a couple tips and a little bit of time and you’ll see a huge different in your CAM4 shows!

Here’s my favorite tips for my CAM4 babes who want to master social media ;)


1. Use Twitter Connect

Why be distracted by your phone during your shows? Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing. Literally. Put your whole ass into your CAM4 show, because now you can send out a tweet right out of your broadcast window. Better yet, we’ve even written the tweet for you! But you can edit it to add more ;)

How to Use Twitter Connect via CAM4


2. Share Pictures & Use Hashtags

Your audience is visual. If you give em some pics, they will cum. With you. Share pics to tease news fans and existing fans. Using hashtags will reach likeminded people instead of just tweeting to your following. Here’s some ideas:


3. Follow Our Social Media Guide

If you’re a newbie, first I want to say hello and second I want you to check out our How To Begin on Social Media guide to see how easy it is to set up Facebook and Twitter accounts – plus you can pick up some pointers.

Get Started!

Still reading? Congrats! You get to be exclusively offered a chance to join our Social Bonus Program! As our way of giving back to our hardest working models, we’ll reward you for your hard work! The more followers you gain, the more bonus you earn! I’ve got all the details waiting, just email me: abbey@cam4.com

Follow @cam4 to ask me questions and get a boost in followers!