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Coaching Recap from Nikki Night UPDATED

Coaching Recap from Nikki Night UPDATED

This Monday isn’t just your average Monday, it marks the first coaching session live on Cam4 with Nikki Night. If you missed it, here’s a recap of the things she covered this week!

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Monday, November 11th

1. Call your viewers fans!
it will make a more fun environment for all of you. They’ll feel more valued and so will you. Who likes being formal anyways? Don’t like fans? Call em what you want, babes, lovers, kittens, I’ve seen all sorts of affectional terms given to chatters and viewers.

annoying cam4 chat

2. Don’t fight with your room!
Positive re-enforcement goes a long way in creating a better chat environment.
Believe me, I go through tons of the same messages you get in your rooms on the Cam4 Facebook page, and what works is reinforcing your rules. Instead of acknowledging negative or rude comments, reward the good comments. Quickly, visitors will adapt and you’ll see a better chat room.

cam4 calendar

3. Set a schedule and stick to it!
It doesn’t matter if you’re on at different times each week, what matters is your fans know when you’ll be online next. Some models are able to be online at the same time on the same days each week, others are more sporadic. Whichever one you are, using Live Show Scheduling and tweeting your show times are guaranteed ways to keep the attention of your fans while attracting new ones.

Fans will appreciate it and if you are always there at a certain time for apron 20 hrs a week you will grow as a model much quicker

cam4 model tips

4. You are an internet personality! have fun with it!
Have fun! Your body is great, but it’s putting a personality in that body that’ll set you apart from the rest.

Be charming. 

5. Record your own show and watch it back….would you watch you? 
The best way to learn is to record your next show and watch it.
Ask yourself if you’d tip yourself, if you’d stay in your room, and what you’d like to see done differently as a viewer. Maybe your camera angle could be better, or you move too much (or too little). Watching yourself is one of the easiest and most effective ways at upping your game.

Here’s how you can record your screen:

On a Mac, use QuickTime.

On a PC, use CamStudio.

6. Read our Performer Blog!
You’re already doing that, so keep doing it! This is where we announce site updates, product launches, contests, promote models, and of course share Nikki’s magic. Bookmark this page and check back often.


Wednesday, November 13th

1. Upcoming Christmas Events

Yes, it’s that time already! Start thinking of sexy Christmas ideas. Don’t worry, we’ll be giving you some ideas closer to December ;)

2. Managing your moderator and how to deal with abusive fans

Finding a moderator is a tool you can’t put a value on. They’ll help you moderate your chat so you can focus on the show, they’ll help promote you, run raffles & contests, and

3. How to use your friend list to gain fans

You’ve got friends, now what?

Have you thought about charging a token fee for your friendship? Once a month, hold a show once a month for friends only and give them exclusive benefits. Think about it like Friends With Benefits ;)

4. External microphones!

Believe it or not, sound is just as important as your video! Having good sound quality is the finishing touch to your shows. If your computer or laptop doesn’t have a built-in mic, or you want better quality, look for external mics for a cheap and easy investment.

Thursday, November 14th

And that’s all for today! Check this week’s schedule here for Wednesday and Thursday’s topics. If you have questions, leave us a comment or tweet @cam4 or @nikki_night.

Set up a one-on-one with Nikki by emailing nikki@cam4.biz.

Head to Cam4 & test out these tips ;)

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