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From the Desk of Nikki Night: CAM4Bucks 101

From the Desk of Nikki Night: CAM4Bucks 101

CAM4 Bucks is our behind the scenes site that handles all your personal and payment info. You are always free to perform on CAM4, but you need to submit 2 forms of I.D. and broadcast for us to verify your identity before you can request a payment. Remember! Everyone that is seen on your cam needs to submit I.D. before for you to request a payment.

Here’s where you add new performers:

Home Your homepage is where you will see all of your options…including broadcasting on CAM4


Reports Here you see your tips, gifts, tippers, and performers you have tipped.


How to read your reports. When you open up your reports they are going to look something like this.


The GREEN arrow in the top left of your report is where you will be able to download and export your reports to your computer. You have the option of exporting it to -PDF Document (portable document file) -XLS Sheet (excel) -CSV Document (comma-separated values) The ORANGE arrow that appears in every row is the drill down tool that opens up your report by row.

After expanding your report it is going to look like this.

For more info or to ask questions, join Nikki’s Open Forum every Tuesday night at 8pm EST or her Wednesday coaching shows at 1pm and 3pm EST!

Subscribe to Nikki’s CAM4coach_EN channel!

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