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Earn More, Cam Less: Schedule a Show

Earn More, Cam Less: Schedule a Show

Did you know it’s possible to make more money while spending less time on Cam4? It’s proven that Cam4 models earn more money while doing less shows, so what’s their secret? Scheduling shows! Our models who use Live Show Schedules earn more!

live show schedules

Viewers know you’ve got shows scheduling as soon as they get to your profile. Underneath your profile picture there will be a Live Show Schedule link with a number telling them how many upcoming shows you’ve got. When they click on this, they’re taken to your calendar, which gives them all the details on your shows.

This means anyone who stumbles across your page when you’re offline will have a reason (and a reminder!) to come back for more! This works even better when you’ve got great shows coming. Don’t know what to schedule? Here’s the best ideas right from the models

1. Raffle shows
2. Holiday shows like Halloween, Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day
3. Private Show sessions
4. Request shows
5. Special shows like vacation, outdoor, couple, or squirt shows

This is what my calendar looks like for today:
chat on cam4

I’m ready to schedule a show!

When a viewers subscribes to you – they will be notified when your scheduled shows are about to begin. By scheduling even 1 show a week, you’ll start to grow a more loyal following because they know exactly when you’re online and what you’ve got in store for them ;)

How to schedule your Cam4 shows

cam4 schedule show

1. Head to Cam4 & look for the black account box in the top right corner of your page. 

how to make money on cam4

2. Click the calendar icon to the right of the envelope icon. 


3. Click on the blue Schedule Show button 

From here you can check out how many subscribers you have and see all the shows from models you’ve subscribed to.

how to cam

4. In the pop-up, enter the time, date, duration, and a description of what you plan on doing.

This is where you get to share what makes it interesting – what you’re raffling, what your Halloween costume is, where you’re camming from, and if you’ll be taking pvts.

5. Click Create New Show and you are set! Now….it’s time to promote. 

Use the #cam4calendar hashtag on Twitter and tweet @cam4 so I can promote your calendar!

Ask viewers to subscribe in your Cam4 bio & chat room.

Follow the blog to take part in special events.

Using this tool also gives you access to special contests like Freaky Halloween – where any model who schedules a show with the “Freaky Halloween” description gets featured on the blog and entered to win up to 3,000 tokens. I check out my calendar all day, so if you have something cool going on I want to know and so do all our Twitter followers!

Promote yourself on Twitter using the hashtag #cam4calendar.

Was this helpful? Tweet me @Cam4 and share what you’ve scheduled or ask me questions!

Try it out now, head to Cam4!

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Comments (2)

  1. Heather says:

    I really question why you named this particular blog,
    “Earn More, Cam Less: Schedule a Show | Cam4 Blog”.

    Anyway I actually admired the post!Thanks for your time-Melody

    • Abbey says:

      That’s because we found that on average, models are able to earn more when they schedule shows. By scheduling a show, anyone who comes to your page when you’re not broadcasting is more likely to come back if they know when you’ll be online ;)