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NEW Featured Performer of the Month

NEW Featured Performer of the Month

Do you want the opportunity to become a Featured Model on CAM4?
Every month we’ll select 5 males and females, then it’s up to you to vote in who you think should be the Featured Model of the Month. The winner will be featured across the CAM4 community including our Twitter, Facebook and Youtube pages, and our weekly digests. The more active you are on CAM4 the more opportunities you have to be selected.

What it takes to become a featured model:
Every month Abbey, Nikki, Jayson and myself will be on the lookout for models who stand out. We are looking for how engaged you are within the CAM4 community, how many viewers you attract to your shows and consistency within your broadcasts. CAM4 provides all the tools to help models build their shows, so if you want to reach this level, let us know!

How it works:

After the 5 females and 5 males are selected, we will post their images on the respective blogs and viewers will get the chance to vote for their favourite. The models who receive the most votes become the “Featured Models” of the month.

What comes with being a Featured Model:

  •        Feature article on our blogs and digest
  •        Your photo as our profile image across our social pages
  •        Social Takeover where you control our Snapchat, Instagram & Vine for one whole week
  •        Your raffles promoted in our blogs and digests
  •        Highlight reel of your sauciest moments on CAM4
  •        Probing up close and personal video interview

This is your opportunity to get more viewers interested in your shows!


For more information email Brooke at  brooke@cam4.biz 



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  1. Meagan says:

    Hey I dont know where else to ask for help so I will try here? I was banned and I have NO IDEA why? I think maybe they thought I looked to young but I am 26 years old and sent my picture id to the site? I would really like to be let back in could you pls tell me why I was banned because I cannot acess the site at all and I have done nothing wrong?