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Secret CAM4 Model- Lighting Up the Scene

Secret CAM4 Model- Lighting Up the Scene

Lighting is extremely important as it sets the mood, and helps you create an atmosphere that should be pleasing to your viewers and fill them with sensual and erotic emotions that will make them EXPLODE with Ecstasy until their quivering body’s fall to the floor shaking and flopping around like a fish out of water as if you sent them into a sexual EPILEPTIC EPISODE!!!!!!!!…………………………

Um….OK…. maybe I drank a little too much coffee today and got carried away, but lighting Can arouse positive emotions in your viewers and can truly enhance theirs and your enjoyment of the show. Getting the right kind of lighting that will invoke these emotions and highlight your best features can be troublesome however. If you make the light too dark, then the viewers may have trouble seeing your face or body and can also cause poor video quality. If you make the light too bright, then the scene becomes overexposed and washed out, which makes the scene annoying and not very pleasing to the eye.
Positioning of the light is also very important. For example, if the light is coming from directly above, it will cast unflattering shadows on your face, making you look tired as if you just woke up. If you have the direction of the light pointing upward at your face, you will look freakish, like something out of a black and white horror movie. Yeah THAT’S what your viewers want to see, a model that looks like the Bride of Frankenstein

If you have the money you can buy fairly cheap studio lighting, anywhere from $60 to $200. However, you don’t need professional lighting to make the scene look sexy and well lit. Turn your camera on and play with the lighting in your home. Place lights in different positions and at different levels of brightness. Make sure that if there are shadows on your body or face that they enhance your features, not degrade them. Try different color lights to set different moods. If you want to learn more about lighting and how to use it to enhance your shows, just do a search on the web. There are a ton of online tutorials out there. Trust me, it will pay off to learn more about lighting and the way it affects your looks on camera.

That’s all for today! Hope I enlighten you a little!

Sinfully yours, Your dirty secret model :)

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Comments (2)

  1. v_rocks says:

    Cannot stress enough how important lighting can be. Even if you have 500 people watching your shows a night and you have a good amount converting to private shows, lighting, lighting, lighting! You will often double your conversions because guys like well lit shows!

    • Abbey says:

      So true, right?! For camming it’s not location, location, location, it’s lighting, lighting, lighting!