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How to Promote Your CAM4 Raffles

How to Promote Your CAM4 Raffles

Whoever said business was boring clearly never cammed. Part of building your success on CAM4 is networking – finding the right people and connecting with them. A lot of our performers run raffles, and I’ve been noticing some cool ways that networking can help take your raffles into the next level of success. Here’s Abbey’s guide to networking with your CAM4 raffles (or any other type of contest, or just sexy pics).

1. Chat with @camgirlcontests on Twitter. They promote camgirl raffles, which means even more people will find out about you.

2. Let @insideabbey or @cam4 know. Of course, I love to promote all of the cool things you guys are doing. If you have a picture, tweet it to me. If you want to be on the CAM4 Blog, send me a DM and tell me what cool things you’re up to!

3. Make a picture and put it on your Fancy Bio. If people can see right away that you’re doing something cool, of course it’s easier for them to join you. Include info like the dates, prizes, cost of tickets, and how to join.

4. Follow Abbey’s Twitter list of cam girl promo accounts. Follow them and tweet them, if they follow you then you can DM them. Either way, get them aware of you and give them pics and content to share with their audience.

Of course, Nikki is always available for coaching and 1-on-1 help. You can subscribe to her coaching sessions on CAM4, or shoot her an email to nikki@cam4.biz with your questions!

Head to Twitter and get started!