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Top 10 Tips for Camming from Nikki Night

Top 10 Tips for Camming from Nikki Night

This week, Nikki introduced us to her top 10 tips for camming. In case you missed the show or want a copy of her list – here they are in all of their glory!

1. CAM4 promotes you on the viewer blog! So next time you have a raffle, event, game, exciting new show, or promo deal on videos write us about it.
You need to include:
• A photo of you (face doesn’t need to be shown)
• Description of show or event
• Raffle details (start/end date, how to enter, win, prize, when they will receive prize)
• Custom video expectations (is it JUST for the winner or will you be selling it at a later date)
• Quick bio about you as a performer

2. Put your self in a positive state of mind to attract positive results. It sounds obvious but being negative is not fun to watch, attitude is a choice and it affects your success.

3. Use lines of site to draw the eye to the TIP button on your broadcast window. Using simple tricks like positioning a colorful room decoration, or gesturing to the lower left side of your viewers screen is a silent way to ask for tips.

4. Connect your twitter to CAM4. We tweet for you: 15 min before your scheduled shows and after you’ve been broadcasting for 5 minutes. It also lets you tweet right from your window, it includes the URL link so fans are just a click away from you.

5. Twitter analytics is a powerful tool that lets you see how your fans are engaging with you. Here you will see where your fans are, what they are into, how many views you are getting, and what tweets got you the most attention.

6. The most attractive color to males is RED; this makes you more desirable to them and taps into their primal sexual instinct.

7. Don’t jump all over your big tippers when they come into your room. This may make them feel awkward, insult others in the room, make your tipper feel like an ATM, and possibly open that tipper up to annoying invites to other rooms. Treat them all the same, you never know what will happen in your room today, a fan might just surprise you and spoil you when they were only silent before.

8. Record yourself! Watching your own show is the best way to improve, if you don’t see what you are doing you will never know what you are doing right. Always ask yourself would I watch me?

9. Don’t talk your fan’s ear off. You are a fantasy and the best way to learn what fantasy is to listen more than talk. This also creates an air of mystery around you that will drive your fans wild.

10. The CAM4 Homepage refreshes itself every 2 minutes, so use this to your advantage. 

Have you tried any of her tips and found success? Or maybe you have a tip of your own? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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