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Twitter for Cam Models

Twitter for Cam Models

The Internet is huge. Think about all the people on Twitter. Over 190 million people visit Twitter every month. Why should you carve out a sexy space for yourself? There’s a lot of reasons, and here’s the main ones for Cam4 models:

Why Should I Tweet?

Here’s what all models need to know: Cam4 models who are active on Twitter earn more tokens.

1. Promote yourself! Social media is the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way you can promote your Cam4 shows!

2. More social media followers = more viewers = more money in your pocket. Loyal viewers spend more, and when people know what you’re offering, they can spend more. You can achieve both with Twitter.

3. Reach new fans! How else can you find new people who want what you’ve got? Using Twitter hashtags and the Cam4 social media community you can reach tons of viewers who are looking for you!

4. Interact with existing fans in a whole new way. Extend their Cam4 experience way beyond your shows. It’s a win-win for everyone ;)

Like all good things, you need a billboard to help people find you. Treat social media as your billboard! Tweet from anywhere with your mobile device, and tweet while you’re live from the web.

How Do I Sign Up?

It’s super easy, free, and it takes a couple minutes. 

Ok..now what?

When I signed up for Twitter, I sat there with an empty news feed and no clue where to start. There’s millions of users, so how do you find the ones who are into you? How do you get people to follow you? It’s not as hard as you think, take a breathe and get started with these easy steps:

1. Share your Cam4 link when you’re live

jennacam4 - twitter cam4

2. Use hashtags like #tittietuesday #asswednesday and #friskyfriday along with pics to find new fans

3. Send @cam4 a tweet and I will personally help you along the way

201 - share personality

When in doubt, people love cute pets. Don’t be scared to show your personality, that’s what viewers love!

201 - tease with pics

Learn, live, and love the art of tease.

Social media wouldn’t be fun if it was all about work and no play. I love my job because I get to help people promote themselves, and we have a lot of fun doing it. Join contests, come out for our weekly Twitter chats every Friday at 2pm EST, tweet with other models, and take part in contests like Cam4’s Next Top Model  or Freaky Halloween where we promote you!

We;ll be releasing new videos with tips on how to tweet your way to success and how to edit your profile. Keep one eye on the blog ;)

Say hello! Tweet @cam4 now and I’ll be there to help you get off on the right foot, er, tweet.

Sign up to Twitter now!