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How to be a Vidi-Ho: Sell Your Own Videos

How to be a Vidi-Ho: Sell Your Own Videos

Stocking a library of videos increases your potential of being a successful Internet personality – AKA cam girl/boy. Consider your videos a business card, promo content for live shows, gifts, and an additional source of income. 

Videos are the language of the internet, so connect, share, and personalize the relationship between you and your fans… the more love you give, the more love you get. You might even consider recording your private shows on CAM4 and sending a few minutes of the footage as a thank you gift…fully watermarked of course ;)

Behind the Scenes

Making a great video isn’t as complicated as it seems. You are ultimately the boss when it comes to the video content and length but here are a few suggestions.

How to Make Your Own Videos: FAQs

1. How long should they be?
Anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes in length. You risk losing your audience if you go any longer.

2. What kind of videos should I have?
The more videos you make, the more videos fans will want. If you video tape it, they will cum. Record everything from PG13 all the way to XXX, your fans want to see every one of your good sides.

3. How do I start?
Make the videos about things YOU really like to do. The whole reason amateur webcam is so popular is because it’s NOT scripted a la traditional porn. Viewers want to see something honest, raw, even humorous.

4. Should I include music?
Refrain from having music in your videos. I know this sounds weird but it can be a big distraction for the viewer, they want to hear you and only you.

5. How detailed should it be?
Videos are meant to play on people’s fantasies so the more detail you put into your set and wardrobe the better. You don’t have to spend a lot, just get creative.

6. What if they upload my video somewhere else?
Watermark your videos! Watermarks make it difficult of r your videos it makes it difficult to upload them elsewhere. If you do find them somewhere, your watermark makes them extremely easy to remove so you can feel safe sending or sharing them with fans.

7. Should I watch my videos before sending them?
Watching your videos can be awkward but oh so necessary. If you have ever wanted to improve as a performer this is the fastest way to do it! You may see a few flaws but more importantly you see what you are doing right! After a while you will really start to enjoy watching yourself.

The Tech Specs

When making a video you have so many more choices as to what you can use to record yourself. A video camera is the obvious choice but you can also use your digital camera, an I.P. Camera (wireless security camera), iPhones and Androids, or record directly from your webcam.

And because Nikki is so awesome, she’s got a list of software you can use to record and watermark videos using your webcam, iPhone, or Android phone!

PC Only
www.willingsoftware.com – $Free

MAC Only
www.willingwebcam.com – $Not Free

www.camtwiststudio.com – $Free

PC and MAC
www.manycam.com – $Free – Pro version available $$Not Free

www.camstudio.org – $Free

eZy Watermark – Video Watermarking $2 USD (App)

AndroVid Pro Video Editor $2.99 USD (App)

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