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Get CAM4 Tokens with your Gift Cards!

Get CAM4 Tokens with your Gift Cards!

The holidays are over and you have piles of gift cards to retailers you probably won’t even use. What are you going to do with them? How about purchasing tokens and getting more naughty gifts from CAM4!

CAM4 is offering a new option to pay with 100+ major brand gift cards – instant access, 100% anonymous, and no credit card required!

This system will allow our US customers to sell their unused gift cards from 100+ merchants and retailers instantly, without requiring slow shipment and verification of cards. This makes the transaction simple for users, determining market value for their cards and offering them full payment in CAM4 tokens right away.

When purchasing tokens please look for the Gift Card button on the choose package screen to redeem your cards:

Tokens for Gift Cards


Select the 100+ Gift Card option and enter your gift card details. You will then see the CAM4 Token value you will receive by redeeming your gift card.

NOTE: Gift cards are resold on a marketplace, so your reclaim value will be lower than the original gift card balance.