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Test New CAM4 Features: Sign Up Here

Test New CAM4 Features: Sign Up Here

Do you want to play a game? ;)

We are building tipping games and need performers to help us test them out! If you are interested in helping us add more easy ways to enhance your camming fun, please fill out the Google form below to become one of our Roll the Dice testers.

Roll the Dice is a simple dice roll game. To play, you have 6 dice and each one can be set to your choice of action. For example: if someone rolls a 2, you will flash them. The actions don’t have to be sexual, they can be as simple as blow a kiss or have a cigarette. Once your viewer has rolled the dice, you have 1 minute to perform the action. After that minute, the next person can roll the dice.

Think of this as being your pair of sexy dice, but bigger and customizable.

Stay tuned for more Roll the Dice ideas from Nikki Night!

Sign Up to Test Roll the Dice Here

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Comments (4)

  1. hazelxjane says:

    can’t wait to try signed up a few days ago :)

  2. biTomYg says:

    Nice, can be fun in some shows !

  3. Polmisterio says:

    Tengo video en venta

  4. sofiane says:

    slt cv moi sofiane moi algirane