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Your CAM4 Mobile Experience is About to Get 🔥

Your CAM4 Mobile Experience is About to Get 🔥

Our C4 Broadcaster app just got a bunch of improvements to make sure our performers can share all of their naughtiest exhibitionist moments from anywhere in the world… with Wifi or cellphone service.

As a CAM4 performer, you can broadcast, manage your settings & chat with viewers just like a regular webcam show! Take your cam shows into the wild and treat your fans to an exciting experience.

As a viewer, you’re going to see outdoor shows from private pools, beaches, parks, and who knows where else 😏 You don’t need to download anything to watch mobile CAM4 shows, just go to cam4.com from your device and see who’s online.

Here’s the specs on our latest improvements to C4 Broadcaster:

GET MOBILE: Broadcast hassle-free from anywhere with a cellular or WIFI connection.
SELFIE-STYLE PORTRAIT MODE: Keep your phone upright while broadcasting for a more comfortable experience.
MANAGE YOUR SHOW: Set your goals. Chat with your audience. Ban unruly viewers. It’s just like a regular broadcast – but mobile!

PRIVATE SHOWS ON-THE-GO: Accept Private Show requests and send Private Messages to connect with fans while you’re broadcasting from your phone.
EASIER UPDATES: C4 Broadcaster is now available in the Play Store, for much easier installations and updates.
FREE TO USE: C4 Broadcaster is 100% free. Give it a try and broadcast live today.

Download C4 Broadcaster

Performers: please follow our guidelines for What’s Allowed on CAM4 Outdoors

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Comments (9)

  1. Abbey says:

    Hi everyone! We are working on the landscape mode broadcasting so it will be available soon :)

  2. Maikel1981 says:

    Selfymode sucks!
    Bring back te landacape mode!

  3. Jonny says:


  4. blablabla says:

    For the UX developers who built this new app, this is not used to chat with your friends, one to one connection!!! ;-)

    WTH you changed the widescreen record to a vertical one, if people using the website will be watching in a wide ratio? That was the worst thing i saw in this new app. The other was the fact I can’t switch between the back camera and the front one. The older app was much better.

  5. ddiittzz says:

    Can’t switch to back camera

  6. Lostguy says:

    App simply dont work.

  7. dwaynemcgrif says:

    its hard now to see the whole cam in this new version

  8. dwaynemcgrif says:

    yes i agree i kinda dont like this skinny longer view. i think the old version was better

  9. iadops40 says:

    I am not liking the slim vertical view while watching someone mobile, the old view was so much better because it filled the screen box, this view is to skinny and longer.