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CAM4 Supports #WorldAIDSDay: December 1st

CAM4 Supports #WorldAIDSDay: December 1st

Update: Congratulations to the whole CAM4 community who came out strong on #WorldAIDSDay to raise a grand total of $505 for the WorldAIDSDay organization!

Wear your red on December 1st and tweet a picture with the hashtags #WorldAIDSDay and #CAM4 to be a part of our CAM4 Cares fundraising efforts! We’re donating $5 for every red picture we receive on December 1st so please, take lots and help support a great cause.

What else can you do? Make sure you are HIV aware. Get the facts and tweet this link with your picture to make sure your CAM4 friend are aware too.

So much has changed in the last 30 years. Medical sciences and social stigma have come a long, long way. No longer is HIV a life sentence. Our donation will go towards providing education to the communities most in need, as well as outreach and support for those affected by HIV and AIDS.

Tweet your #WorldAIDSDay support on December 1st!

Learn More About #WorldAIDSDay

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