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Official Community Guidelines of CAM4

Official Community Guidelines of CAM4

Having your content promoted on the CAM4 blog or by our social media channels is a great way to help viewers find your amazing content. We provide many channels for performers to be featured, however we also have some community guidelines that must be met. If you’d like to have your content promoted, here’s what you need to know.


We love to promote live CAM4 content on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, however promotion is not guaranteed for all performers. If you’d like to be promoted, here are the different types of promotion we offer.

Snapchat Takeovers

Every day, we are looking for performers who want to promote their live shows, My Shop videos and other CAM4 content with live, engaging, and high quality Snapchat takeovers. To ensure that our followers have the best experience, we require that you follow Snapchat’s guidelines as well as our own:

~ A minimum of 5 Snapchat posts

~ High quality images and videos

~ No nudity on the public story

~ No promotion of other camsites

We suggest that you broadcast during the day of your takeover, and engage users with

Book your takeover, just DM @CAM4 on Twitter!


We are not a promo account, so we do not rely on retweets. To give our community the best experience, we limit our amount of retweeting. Even if you don’t get retweeted, following these guidelines will still help you get more followers and attract viewers to your shows.

~ High quality images or videos

~ Your CAM4 link

~ Mention @CAM4

~ Do not tag other cam sites

If your tweet meets these guidelines, it could be retweeted. Not all content is guaranteed promotion, because there’s so many amazing performers it’s just not possible 😍

If you’ve got something special to promote on Twitter, we’d love to know! DM @CAM4 or email sammy@cam4.com.




To receive promotion from CAM4, you must meet our community guidelines. These will also ensure that your account is attractive and fun for other community members and potential new viewers.

~ Photos or videos must be high quality

~ You must have the rights to use the images, and they must feature yourself

~ You must be in good standing with the CAM4 Terms & Conditions

~ You must be a current CAM4 performer who’s recently broadcast within the past 30 days

~ Engage in no form of harassment, bullying, or obscene behaviour on social media or CAM4




The CAM4 blog is a place for viewers to find new CAM4 content, and to learn more about our performers. We get a lot of blog requests, for your best chance of being featured please be prepared with the following guidelines:

~ Minimum of 3 high quality images

~ Information about a special show, promotion or event

~ or availability to do a written interview

~ At least one social media channel

~ Your CAM4 page must have a clear profile image and some bio content

Contact kaitie@cam4.com to set up an interview or share your content request! Please note that sending a request doesn’t guarantee a blog post.

Interview Guidelines

Your interview should show off your content and personality, but within your comfort zone. Not all interviews will be published, but following these suggestions will make your interview stand out:

~ Don’t use one word answers, elaborate and give our viewers something interesting to discover

~ Attach a minimum of 3 high quality photos

~ Have an offer for viewers like a free My Shop clip or a Snapchat discount

Our readers are looking for interesting new content, and a way to get to know you a little better. Be yourself and have fun!



How to Provide Feedback

We look forward to hearing feedback on your experience with CAM4! If you’d like to share feedback on social media, please send a Direct Message to @CAM4. Alternatively you can email feedback@cam4.com.

Please note that not all feedback may receive a response, but we do review all of your suggestions.

If you have an account issue, technical problem, or any concerns please use this contact form to get connected with the right people.


What is “High Quality”?

We are always happy to find your high quality images and videos. Here is what we consider to be high quality.

~ The images or videos are of yourself, and you have the rights to them

~ Are not blurry or pixelated

~ The background is clean and visually appealing

~ There are no distracting watermarks or edits

Whenever you can make your images directly related to your live content, do so! For example, if you’re promoting your bath show, share a pic of you in the bath. This will give people a real taste of how amazing your content is. If you’re promoting videos, use an image or screenshot from the video you’re selling!

How do I get involved in contests?

We frequently run themed weekends and contests that everyone is welcome to participate in. For these posts, use the related hashtags like #lingerie for our Lingerie Weekend. We will always share these hashtags in the contest articles.

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