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Twitter Connect is Better than Ever! See the New Benefits Here

Twitter Connect is Better than Ever! See the New Benefits Here

CAM4 is the only live cam website that offers a social media management platform. Directly from your account settings on CAM4 you can set up custom automated messages or simply tweet live from your broadcast window and attach photos!

We have just launched a ton of improvements to our Auto Tweets tool to empower you to find new viewers, control your messaging, and achieve success:

One customized automated tweet to suit your camming style
In your My Account section, go to Social Networks and you will see space for one custom tweet.

Include your referral ID link in tweets to earn more money
If you have a CAM4 referral ID, this will automatically be included in your automated tweets. No extra steps necessary!

Attach a photo to your tweets right from your CAM4 broadcast panel
When you’re broadcasting, click the “tweet” button and write a post. You can now attach photos for even better results!

Choose the language your tweets are published in
Your tweets will be sent in the language you’ve set as your Primary Language in My Account.

Pre-written tweets in 7 languages to save you time
If you don’t want to write your own tweets, we have pre-written tweets in 7 languages that are frequently updated.

Having a social media presence as a cam performer is crucial to earning money and finding fans. Selling videos on CAM4, promoting your shows, and being active on social media is proven to bring you success. Whether you’re new to social media or you’re a well-seasoned social media butterfly, Nikki and Abbey have shared their tips on our Performer Training Centre.

To use Twitter Connect and set up your language settings or write a custom tweet, go to the Social Networks section in My Account.

If you want more info or help setting up your social media accounts, our regional coaches are all on hand to answer your questions and provide the best advice. Check this page to see our full list of coaches in 7 languages.

Connect Twitter Connect on CAM4 and let us do some of the work for you!

Set up Twitter Connect

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